Editors’ Letter

In 1996 a group of oral medicine specialists began publishing REVISTA DE MEDICINA STOMATOLOGICA under the editorial leadership Prof Dr Vasile Burlui. The Journal was first published in Romanian and with abstracts in English. It initially received a C category accreditation.

Starting with 2009, it underwent significant adjustment in terms of layout and content, being published in both English and Romanian. The first issue of 2009 represented a major strategic change in the Journal’s evolution. All articles began being published in English in an effort to inform the entire international medical community of the clinical and research activities of over 10,000 dental surgeons caring for 20 million Romanians, as well as the wider population of Eastern and Central Europe.

Today, THE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MEDICAL DENTISTRY (IJMD) enjoys the support of a number of distinguished organisations both at home and abroad. Examples include the Romanian Scientists’ Academy and the WHO Centre of Oral Health (Iasi, Romanian). The Journal is financially supported by the ‘Oamenii Cetatii’ Foundation together with other institutions.

IJMD has an authoritative editorial input from prestigious national and international contributors, such as professors Ioan Haulica and Carol Stanciu, both members of the Romanian Academy. Its advisory board hosts experts from around the globe, including academics from Great Britain, France, Israel, America and Germany. It also benefits from a balanced approach to research and clinical practice derived from the contribution of a younger generation of academics and clinicians who are involved in defining its vision, management and strategy.

One of the main goals of the Journal is value promotion; therefore the published articles are subjected to a rigorous and multi-disciplinary process of peer review. Consequently, we hope that the published articles have a better quality and offer a superior level of information exchange amongst all oral health and general medical specialties.

The Journal includes articles covering the entire spectrum of medical dentistry, ranging from prophylaxis to maxillofacial surgery, emphasising our focus on both the scientific and practical aspects of medical dentistry. We publish original research, case reports, literature reviews and general information relevant to the oral medicine community.

In the spirit of scientific and professional collaboration, the International Journal of Medical Dentistry has established strong relationships with a number of prestigious publications and academic centres around the world, as well as academic libraries. Furthermore, the Journal has a modern and dynamic page layout and article structure in order to maximise reader appeal and impact.

Your suggestions for the future will be much appreciated and will be given full consideration.

We look forward to your article submissions.

Vasile Burlui, Prof. PhD