Instructions for authors


The International Journal of Medical Dentistry publishes peer-reviewed research-oriented articles and original concepts in all fields of dentistry and oral surgery. The journal is published quarterly (issue 1 – Jan/Mar; issue 2 – Apr/Jun; issue 3 – Jul/Sept; issue 4- Oct/Dec) in English. We take great care in insuring that articles are processed as quickly as possibly (maximum 2 months from submission).

The following types of articles will be considered for publication:

  • Original research
  • Clinical cases / Case reports
  • Clinical and technological innovations
  • Editorials / Letters to the editor
  • Reviews or Meta-analyses
  • Transcripts of Keynote Lectures / Speeches
  • News, cultural and social information relevant to the Dental and Oral Surgery community

Submitted articles will not be accepted for publication if they have already been published or have been submitted for publication to other journals.


For original papers, maximum 7000 words are accepted (including Abstract, Keywords, References, Figures and Tables), processed with MS editing facilities. For review papers, maximum of 15000 words are accepted (including Abstract, Keywords, References, Figures and Tables). Manuscripts should be written in US English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of these) and submitted electronically, in .doc format.

When submitting the manuscript, it is mandatory to include a ETHICS STATEMENT to the editor that must state:

  • that the manuscript contains the original work of the authors
  • that the manuscript has not already been published, or is not under consideration for publication elsewhere
  • all authors have significantly contributed to the research
  • the research followed codes of good practice in research

Copyright transfer form should be sign by all authors. The form can be downloaded from HERE.

When submitting an manuscript, all authors must sign the CONFLICT OF INTEREST STATEMENT. The form can be downloaded from HERE.

The peer-review process
The assessment-review process relies on the peer-review system, according to which the papers sent for publication are assessed based on a set of criteria that are unanimously accepted by the scientific and academic community. It is mandatory that all authors to participate in peer-review process. The journal uses double blind peer review process.

The meetings of the editorial team are designed to categorize the papers that are received depending on the various sections of the journal. Considering the field concerned, the assessment of the papers is carried out by 2 peer-reviewers, members of the editorial team, specialists in the respective field, who are supposed to send their suggestions and remarks within 4 weeks from the reception of the manuscript. The peer review process is conducted in a objective and confidentially manner.

The peer-review form is based on the following considerations: article’s title is appropriate; the abstract accurately reflects the content; the keywords are good descriptors of the content of the paper; the presentation is complete, clear and well organized; originality and significance of the problem, applicability to the field (relevance beyond case presented); description of the problem within a theoretical framework; literature review demonstrates a clear relationship between problem and other relevant literature; all figures, tables, and photos are necessary and appropriate; the conclusion is valid and properly supported; the references include relevant published work from the last 5 years, are complete, correctly written and in correspondence with the citations etc. Reviewers should point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.

The editor-in-chief leads the senior editorial panel in making the final decision regarding the publication based on the scientific merit and originality of the submitted work.
Special attention is paid to the content and originality of articles, as well as the layout, grammar, structure and visual impact. Statistical analysis needs to be correct, relevant and adequately presented.

Authors are obliged to participate in peer review process. The authors have maximum two weeks to respond to the feedback given by the peer-review process. In the absence of an answer or an unsatisfactory response the article will be removed from the submission process. All communication from the authors should occur through the Editorial email address at: [email protected] Accepted, articles may be edited or reformatted by the Editorial Board under the transfer of copyright agreement.
The meetings of the editorial team also prioritize the manuscripts depending on whether they meet or not all the formatting and scientific requirements, depending on the reviewers’ opinions and on the available place available in the journal.

In order to be published in the International Journal of Medical Dentistry, the author/authors needs/need to follow the next steps/meet the following general criteria:

  1. He/she needs to be sending the electronic version of the article to us, following strictly the publishing instructions displayed / published on our journals site;
  2. After the peer reviewers will be assessing the scientific quality of the article, some changes done by the author / authors may be necessary before another peer review and / or publication and sometimes our editorial team may even reject the article if it does not comply with the requirements of our journal;
  3. The publication fee needs to be taken care before publication of the paper in our journal.

Submission by post: The following must be sent to our editorial office a printed copy of the manuscript; a letter of copyright transfer and disclaimer signed by all authors (see attached model) together with an electronic copy of the article (CD or flash disk). These must be posted to our editorial address International Journal of Medical Dentistry (Editorial Office), 2, Muzicii Street, Iasi, Romania
Submission by email: The above mentioned signed documents must be scanned and emailed to the following email address [email protected]


All articles should be written in accordance to the following guidelines:
Original research articles should be organized as: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References

Manuscripts should be concise and clear, using Times New Roman of size 12 points in 1.5 line spacing, and should have 2 cm all over margins. Titles and sub-titles should be written in capitals using Times New Roman font 12 in bold. The names of the authors need to be written with full name, surnames should be followed by first name and the institutional affiliations and academic rank need to be included for all authors. The corresponding author needs to provide full name, contact telephone, postal and email address.

The abstract will follow the structure of the paper and should consist of no more than 150 words, followed by 3-5 representative Keywords.


Should include the main objectives of the work and provide a state of the art of the research area approached in the manuscript.

Materials and methods

Must provide sufficient detail in order to allow the work to be reproduced. In this section should be mentioned the used materials, methods and techniques, or other relevant experimental details.

Results and Discussion

Results should be clear and concise. All figures and tables need to be entitled and numbered consecutively, in the order to which they are referred using the following quotations Fig. 1…, Table 1… and must be explained properly. Ensure that the data presented in Tables do not duplicate results described in Figures or elsewhere in the paper. All Figures must be submitted in either .jpg or .tiff format with a very good resolution. A maximum limit of 8 Figures are allowed per manuscript.

Discussion should clear and logic, being consistent with the results and the aim of the work, emphasizing the significance and originality of the results.


The main conclusions should be drawn from obtained results.

Financial support

If the research is part of a grant or project, is recommended that the financial support to be clearly stated.


The References must only contain sources used in text, in order of appearance and not in alphabetical order (Vancouver Style) and follow the guideline established by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors. Self-referencing is not allowed.

References should be cited in the body the manuscript using a number in brackets (Eg. [1]) and at the end of paper, with complete details, as follows:


Author AA. Title of book. Place of publication:Publisher;Year of publication.


Mitchell DA, Mitchell L. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry. Oxford:Oxford University Press; 2014.

Chapter in an edited book

Author AA, Author BB. Title of chapter. In: Editor AA, Editor BB, editors. Title of book. Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication. Pages.


Blaxter PS, Farnsworth TP. Social health and class inequalities. In: Carter C, Peel JR, editors. Equalities and inequalities in health. 2nd ed. London: Academic Press; 2017. p. 165-78.


Author AA, Author BB, Author CC, Author DD. Title of article. Abbreviated title of journal. Year; volume number(issue number):page numbers.


Behr M, Zeman F, Baitinger T, Galler J, Koller M, Handel G, Rosentritt M. The clinical performance of porcelain-fused-to-metal precious alloy single crowns: chipping, recurrent caries, periodontitis, and loss of retention. Int J Prosthodont. 2014; 27(2):153–60

Author AA. Title of thesis [dissertation]. Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication. Number of pages.


O’Brien KA. The philosophical and empirical intersections of Chinese medicine and western medicine [dissertation]. Melbourne: Monash University; 2006. 439 p.


Author AA. Title of paper. In: Editor AA, editor. Title of book. Proceedings of the Title of the Conference; Date of conference; Location of conference. Place of publication: Publisher’s name; Year of publication. p. page numbers.


Grassby AJ. Health care in the multi-cultural society. In: Walpole R, editor. Rural health. Proceedings of the Rural Health Conference of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners; 2018; Melbourne. Melbourne: The Royal Australian College of Practitioners; 2018. p. 49-50.

Acknowledgements should be included in a separate section at the end of the article before the references list. In this section is listed the researchers who worked in this research or funding supports.


The fee required for manuscript publishing is the following: 150 euro for the first author and 50 euro for each co-author*.
*This publication fee includes also the grammar and spelling checking of the English language by professional language experts.
The journal does not have article submission charges.

All the articles included in the journal are fully available to the readers without any charge.

Data required for the payment of the publication:

Beneficiary: ,,Oamenii Cetatii” Foundation

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